Why People Can’t Help but Fall in Love With Golf

Finding a hobby that makes you happy is a wonderful way to improve your mental well-being. Some people try their hand at some art form, while others fully encompass themselves in the world of sports. One of the most popular recreational sports is golf. It may not be for everyone, but after realizing why people can’t help but fall in love with golf, you might be ready to buy a set of clubs.

Enjoying the Great Outdoors

There’s nothing quite like the smell of fresh-cut grass, particularly on the first tee of a golf course. Golf is the ultimate outdoor sport. Feeling the cool breeze as you ride on a cart while the sun kisses your skin in the middle of a fairway is a feeling you can’t find anywhere else.

Additionally, golf courses are aesthetically beautiful, especially if you reside in certain parts of the world. Seeing ocean waves crashing into the shoreline as you approach the green or a majestic mountain range from 500 yards away is breathtaking.

It’s a Sociable Game

Golf is one of the most friendly activities you can do. There’s plenty of time to chat while waiting to tee off or gather on the green to putt. Better yet, you might find yourself in a random grouping and develop a kinship with someone new. Golf is a great way to meet new people without much effort, and you know you already have something in common!

A Great Way To Exercise

If you’re sick of going to the gym and getting in 30 minutes of cardio, hitting the links is a great alternative to exercise. Walking for 18 holes is the equivalent of walking six-plus miles, depending on the course. Add that into the physical motions of the game, and you’re potentially going to burn 1,000 calories. So you might as well do something you love for a few hours rather than grind your teeth as you jog on a treadmill.

Golf Is Ageless

Unfortunately, your body may not want to cooperate to allow you to play certain sports you love. You don’t see any senior citizens playing professional basketball, baseball, or football for a reason. However, there is a senior PGA Tour, proving that golf is an ageless game.

Steve Stricker was an accomplished PGA veteran but never won a major championship during his time on the tour. Now, Stricker has plenty to celebrate by winning multiple tournaments on the senior PGA Tour, including six majors.

The gist of Stricker’s story is that there aren’t many things keeping you from the golf course. While you may not play at the professional level like Stricker, you can golf with your kids and your grandkids if all goes well.

A Day To Remember

The last reason people can’t help but fall in love with golf is that every hole could be the hole. All it takes is one immaculate drive, approach shot, chip, or putt that gives you goosebumps and elevates your heartbeat because of the results. You will remember the day you were lucky enough to knock in a hole-in-one or nail a 50-foot eagle putt forever. And until you have that moment, you will keep going to the course, hoping today’s that day.

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