Why Many Prefer the Maserati Over the Ferrari

Just as there’s room for multiple pastas in Italy, so it goes with super-cars. We feel the Maserati goes a bit unnoticed under the ultimate luxury sports car: the Ferrari. Our reasons may surprise you, so enjoy as we discuss why many prefer the Maserati over the Ferrari.

Daily Use

Ferrari is rich in heritage, and there are probably quite a few facts about this Italian classic that you may not know. What we do know is that Ferraris are fast and gorgeous. They’ve also got some tricks up their sleeves, and they’re always in extremely high demand. Ferrari is not going out of style anytime soon.

So we tip our hats to Ferrari. Its focus is performance. No one buys a Ferrari so that they can drive it on the morning commute. But that’s part of the reason why many prefer the Maserati over the Ferrari. There’s just too much pressure when you’re driving a Ferrari. We don’t know about you, but not many of us are heading to the Saturday farmer’s market in our Ferraris. We certainly don’t discourage it—it’s just not common, and if both were in our garage, we’d probably pick the Maserati.

The Maserati is designed for daily use, unlike the Ferrari, which is designed to perform. Of course, the Maserati performs—there just isn’t that added need to feel one must perform when driving it.

The Sound

Ferrari actually helped design the Maserati’s V8 engine, and apparently, they did so with love. It hums in a way no other engine does. Seriously, someone out there has certainly bought the Maserati just to listen to it every day. We totally respect that.

A Reserved Personality

Have you ever known someone so cool, they never boasted about it or tried to prove it? That’s the Maserati. It doesn’t flaunt itself. Ferrari is sort of in your face, saying, Look at me! The Maserati just quietly passes by, and heads turn. It doesn’t need to say anything because it knows it’s cool—sophistication at its finest.

Classic Curves

Leave it to Italy to produce the Maserati with curves that stop time (along with Sophia Loren). We respect Ferrari’s sharp edges—they’re aerodynamically designed for speed because that’s what Ferrari owners expect. However, the curves on the Maserati are soft, classic, and unique compared to those of other super-cars. It’s like Maserati looked at all the other luxury sports cars and said, “No, thanks. Watch this.” The Maserati’s style could come from nowhere else but a country that does style in everything—clothing, food, cars, and wine. Bellissimo.

At this point, you may be unsure if you need a bowl of pasta or a new car. We recommend both for complete satisfaction. As you dream of your next supercar, consider the Maserati. It will quietly surprise you with its classic, understated style.

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