Who Are the Best NFL Broadcasters To Call a Game?

During any NFL game, the person doing the play-by-play could affect your enjoyment of watching the game. Although it’s a contentious debate about who is the cream of the crop, these are the best NFL broadcasters to call a game today.

Joe Buck – ESPN

Without question, Joe Buck is the most polarizing broadcaster in the game today. Some people enjoy his dry delivery and playful quips, while others hate everything about the man and feel like he’s constantly rooting against their team. Regardless of your feelings, you must admit that it feels like a big game when you hear Joe Buck’s voice.

The stakes didn’t feel as high when Joe wasn’t calling your game on Fox. But with all the moving and shaking going on in the football commentary world, Joe will be the new voice of Monday Night Football on ESPN. Surely, this will require some time to adjust.

Ian Eagle & Kevin Harlan – CBS

Of all the B-team announcers, Ian Eagle and Kevin Harlan top the list as a dynamic duo. Since both commentators are so similar and considering they call the NFL and NBA, with Harlan’s voice all over the NBA 2K video game franchise, it’s impossible to mention one without the other.

Eagle has the traditional broadcaster’s voice all networks fawn over and shows excitement when the moment calls for it, unlike other play-by-play commentators who sometimes overplay their hand.

Everything said about Eagle can also be said for Harlan, but what makes Harlan great is his propensity to call anything and make it feel like it matters. Multiple clips have circulated of Harlan giving play-by-play of a streaker or an animal on the field—commentating gold.

Jim Nantz – CBS

If you want consistency, Jim Nantz is your guy. Nantz has been the main event on CBS for quite some time, going through multiple color commentators during his tenure. Nantz finally has a colorman he vibes well with, so Nantz’s game calls are smooth like butter. Unlike Buck, who dipped his toe in calling golf on Fox, Nantz has a delivery that works well with multiple sports, making him a master of the craft.

Mike Tirico – NBC

Sometimes, the best commentators are the ones who are so natural that you don’t even realize how good they are. Mike Tirico is one play-by-play guy who can call anything—seriously. Tirico is on the mic for Sunday Night Football, Notre Dame football, the Olympics, golf, and would probably make badminton sound exhilarating. He has no signature catchphrases, legendary calls, or embarrassing gaffes to his name, but that’s part of the reason he’s so darn good.

Al Michaels – Amazon Prime Video

Al Michaels may not know how to use Amazon Prime Video; nevertheless, he’s taken his talents there to call the Thursday night game, leaving NBC’s booth to the aforementioned Tirico. Until he hangs it up, Michaels is grandfathered in as the best commentator for football. Michaels is knowledgeable, familiar, and plays well with any color commentator that comes his way. And he isn’t shy about giving away little tidbits that could make life a little sweeter for those who engage in sports betting.

Everyone has a different opinion of the best NFL broadcasters to call a game, but one thing remains constant—it doesn’t matter that much because football is awesome regardless of who’s commentating.