Woman influencer selling clothes online
Woman influencer selling clothes online

We see fashion change quite often. A trend will be famous for a season or two, and then POOF, it’s gone. So where do the most popular fashion trends come from, you may ask? Let’s explore this question and maybe inspire your next outfit.

The Runway

Most of today’s current trends begin on the runway during fashion week. They start here because designers carefully curate looks meant to send a statement and look perfect. Couture is a perfect example of this. They craft clothing items to fit one person, which intensifies the anticipation of the look. You’ll then see other designers or influencers using similar pieces to create the couture look. And that’s how a trend starts.

Style on the Street

Street style refers to everyday outfits and looks that you can see on the streets. It’s an outfit that you see on a neighbor, a coworker, a stranger, or a friend that you love so much you decide to replicate it. This example is how a chain reaction begins.

People are typically inspired by street style because:

  • The looks are usually easier to obtain than runway fashion.
  • You’re more inclined to follow the fashion of the everyday person because you believe you can pull it off easier.

Fashion Bloggers

Fashion bloggers easily reach the masses of people, and designers have noticed. A fashion blogger will take a designer look, style it a certain way, photograph themselves, and then show their followers how to recreate the same look or different looks as well. They will share their thoughts and ideas regarding the piece too.

Fashion bloggers create large followings and are influential in their niche areas. People choose to turn to them. They offer a fresh perspective on clothing that’s down-to-earth and relatable.


We tend to put celebrities on a pedestal, and it’s why they are one of the driving forces for creating trends. They typically draw big crowds for events, so designers want to create looks for them. They know people will pay attention to it.

Fans will often copy certain celebrities known for being fashionable, such as Sarah Jessica Parker and Beyonce. They will look to them to decide which new handbag they should purchase or which jeans brand is “it” for the season.

Some celebrities have gone so far as to create fashion lines. Lauren Conrad has a line with Kohls, and Reese Witherspoon has a complete store dedicated to her clothing line filled with southern charm. Both of these amazing women offer affordable, accessible, and fashionable clothing to the everyday person.

Evolution of Trends

So the most popular fashion trends can come from anywhere. The trend starts as simple ideas, whether they come from a designer, a celebrity, or a person walking past you on the street. It then turns into a phenomenon that impacts the fashion industry worldwide. Trends take off quickly and then disappear all the time until somebody decides they want to bring back a trend. This reuse is why we see recycled fashion trends all the time. Specific decades, such as the 90s, seem to be a perfect example of what we see everywhere today.

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