What You Should Never Carry In Your Wallet

People everywhere must educate themselves on what you should never carry in your wallet. Never treat your wallet like a depository for all your important personal information. You shouldn’t fill it to the brim with bulky, valuable items.

Social Security Card

An identify thief could wreak havoc on your life if they get their hands on your Social Security card. Place your card somewhere safe—not inside your wallet. That information is too valuable to keep in a wallet, which you’ll likely take everywhere you go.

Gift Cards

It’s fine to carry around one or two gift cards, but if you get in the habit of storing them in your wallet, they can quickly add up and create clutter. And if you ever lose your wallet, you’ll lose all your cards, too. You should instead store most of them at home or use a gift card app.

Lots of Cash

The world has uses for both cards and cash, but nowadays, it’s foolish to carry around more than $50 at a time. A wad of bills will make you an attractive target for thieves. Instead, leave most of your money in the bank or at home.


Checks belong on this list of what you should never carry in your wallet because they include more personal information than you might assume. On a check, you can find a person’s name, address, bank name, routing number, and account number. Whether it’s a check from you or for you, leave it out of your wallet.

Spare Keys

You don’t want to give a thief the ability to steal even more after they take your wallet. If you leave your house key in your wallet, the thief could try to break in later. Leave your keys out of your wallet and avoid that nightmare.

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