So, you’ve decided to take your first steps into the world of PC gaming—great! Now, you’ll have the ability to play and learn about all kinds of games while also exercising great control over your computer setup and optimizing your gaming experience. You may not know what to do as you proceed forward, though. There are so many pieces of gaming-related knowledge out there that you can quickly feel overloaded with information. We’ll cut through the noise with these tips for what you should know as a new PC gamer.

Grow Your Game Collection Wisely

You’re probably eager to grow your game collection to a respectable size, but how do you go about it in a smart way? You can start by downloading Steam, which is a distribution service that allows you to search and acquire games directly on your computer. Besides giving you access to a huge selection of games, Steam also applies updates automatically to the games you already have.

As you look through all the exciting titles available to you, make sure not to buy a bunch of them on a whim. Instead, research what others say about a game to make more informed decisions. A simple search for reviews should cover you on this front. You can also wait for sales to save some money on games you don’t mind waiting to play.

Get Worthwhile Accessories

It’s important to have a powerful PC to support your gaming, but it isn’t the only part of your setup that you should pay attention to. The peripherals you outfit your PC with are just as significant. Essential accessories for gamers include equipment such as a high-quality mouse and a mechanical keyboard.

For each accessory, there are a number of factors you’ll need to consider to choose the best one for you. In general, you don’t want a slow response time in your mouse and keyboard that falls behind your actual physical movements, since this will get in the way of quick reactions and precise controls. Of course, doing some research will help you distinguish the good from the bad whenever you’re looking for accessories.

Clean Your PC Regularly

An action that many people neglect is cleaning their PCs regularly. This may not be the most fun thing to do, but it is an unavoidable facet of what you should know as a new PC gamer. If you let dust and dirt build-up in your computer, its internal components may suffer damage. The reason for this is that the various pieces that keep your PC running generate heat. Normally, that heat dissipates, thanks to the work of fans and vents in your computer. Dust, however, blocks airflow and can lead to detrimental overheating.

To prevent this from happening, get some cans of compressed air to blow the filth out of the small cracks and corners that you can’t reach with your hands. With compressed air, you’ll effectively remove dust without physically harming your PC in any way.

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