What You Should Expect When Chartering a Yacht

If you’re wondering what you should expect when chartering a yacht, this guide is for you. Unlike a cruise, where the ship and crew cater to all guests, a private yacht is just for you or your group. No matter what’s on your itinerary, the craft tailors itself to meet your personal needs.

The Right Vessel for the Right Group

Spending a week on a smaller yacht or a catamaran might not have all the amenities of a bigger boat but comes at a lower cost starting at around $10,000. A weeklong vacation on a mega yacht may run you $150,000 or more but offers a more comprehensive range of experiences. There’s more than one type of yacht out there and knowing which one to book to best fit your group or budget is a vital part of the experience.

Service Suited to You

When you’re on a yacht, you’re the boss. Don’t be afraid to ask the crew what activities are available for you to engage in. Consider spending some time on the yacht whale watching, as there are numerous benefits to this once-in-a-lifetime activity. Let the crew know if you want to try snorkeling, water-skiing, or if you plan to just look out at sea with a platter of fresh fruit.

Booking Smarter

When chartering a yacht, one crucial thing you should expect is that you’re booking with a legitimate service. Checking with registered brokers like the American Yacht Charter Association, the Royal Yachting Association, MYBA, and The Worldwide Yachting Association will put your mind at ease, so you don’t wonder if you’re finding a deal above water.

The less you must worry about when putting together your yacht vacation, the sooner you can get out on the water and start doing whatever you want. After all, when you book a yacht vacation, the service is consistently tailored with you in mind.