What To Look For When Buying a Storm Shelter

When you’re trying to improve your household protection against heavy storms and tornados, a storm shelter will always prove a worthwhile investment. Durable and reliable, these structures can withstand gale-force winds and flying debris with ease. However, there are several different types of storm shelters on the market, and it’s crucial that you purchase the one that works best for you and your family. We’ll discuss some key things to look for when buying a storm shelter and explore why these features are so vital to your safety.

Accommodating Door Design

One of the first things to be on the lookout for is an effective and easy-to-use door design. How you enter and exit your storm shelter will be vital to its overall effectiveness. You’ll need to open and close it quickly, and it must stand sturdy enough to keep out any harmful items or elements. Doors that open outward might block your path, costing you precious moments of safety. As such, many manufacturers utilize a newer sliding door design that won’t obstruct your entry and will lock just as securely.

Prefabricated Components

Prefabricated parts are also something to look for when buying a storm shelter for your home. Prefabricated means that your storm shelter comes disassembled but with specially crafted components that are ready for self-installation. There are several benefits to buying a prefabricated shelter, including ease of assembly and superior quality. These kits ensure you have everything you need for an effective installation. This way, you can be confident in the product’s ability to keep you safe.

Occupancy Rating

Another feature to look into is each shelter’s occupancy rating. Every storm bunker type has a designated rating for how many people can comfortably fit within its walls. Because of this, it’s vital that you find one designed to fit your family and friends. Having the necessary space is the key to keeping everyone safe while the storm rages outside. A general rule is to allow about five feet of space per person and to get a slightly bigger shelter than will accommodate the exact size of your family.

Extra Storage Space

In addition to square footage for yourself and your family, you’ll also want to ensure your shelter has storage space. From priceless family heirlooms to crucial deeds and identification paperwork, there’s a series of things you can’t afford to lose in the aftermath of a storm. Finding a shelter with storage space allows you to keep these things safe. It also makes it possible to stock up on emergency supplies in the days preceding a natural disaster.

With the right storm shelter on your property, you can quickly and easily protect your family in a crisis. Don’t overlook any of these essential features; any one of them could make a difference in how you protect your loved ones.