What To Know When Buying a New Car Overseas

In some ways, cars are like toys for adults. They come in many different shapes, sizes, and styles designed for performance, speed, and versatility. While many people buy their cars directly from domestic dealers, another option is to import foreign cars from international manufacturers, such as foreign luxury cars. Anyone considering their next car as a foreign import must read these tips on what to know when buying a new car overseas to ensure no issues arise between choosing and driving your vehicle.

Type of Car

Perhaps the most interesting part of buying an exotic car is choosing it. There are many at your disposal, so long as you do your research. For many, a luxury car is the best choice. Europe, for instance, is known for producing a long line of luxury vehicles, from Mercedes Benz to Rolls Royce to Lamborghinis and Ferraris. Though paying a hefty down payment might lead you to reconsider buying internationally, remember there are options to safely ship your luxury car, such as air freight or enclosed transport.

Insurance and Warranty

As with buying any car, insurance is important. You’ll want the security of insurance for its arrival and when you take it on the road. Owning an imported vehicle may cause an upcharge in your insurance plan, but this depends on your provider. Similarly, imported cars may have extended warranties covering the powertrain, exterior protection, and other quality assurances during the manufacturing and transportation processes.


As previously mentioned, there are a few different shipping options for buying exotic vehicles, one of which is how to transport it from an international location to a domestic one. A plane or boat are your best options for this. Secondly, there are some options for transporting the vehicle from the drop-off location to the dealership. Open shipping is the most common way to ship cars domestically; an open auto transport truck will contain a few cars as it travels to various locations. Enclosed shipping might be a safer option for luxury vehicles as an enclosed transport truck contains the vehicles.

Fill Out the Paperwork

Buying an imported vehicle is similar to buying other imported goods: there may be lingering paperwork or fees involved. Consult your dealer for more information, and they’ll help expedite the process for you.

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