What To Know Before Relocating From California to Texas

Are you thinking about relocating to Texas from California? Both states, California and Texas, offer beautiful scenery, beautiful skylines, delicious food, and entertainment. Recently, young adults from all over America have been packing up their things and moving to Texas for job opportunities, affordable cost of living, and larger living spaces.

If you’re considering moving to make Texas your new home, here are a few things you should know before relocating from California to Texas to help you transition smoothly.

Texas Is a Foodie Paradise

Save some room because everything is bigger in Texas, including the food. Since Texas is a rapidly growing state, there’s much more to taste than Tex Mex and BBQ. You can experience fine dining, new flavors, and fusion cuisines throughout the Lone Star State. If you’re a foodie, you will fit right in with all 30 million Texas residents.

Don’t Underestimate Texas’s Traffic

Since Texas is one of the biggest states, cities are farther apart than cities in California. Before relocating, you should prepare for long drives and booming traffic. Even with ridesharing and public transit, having a car is a must in Texas. However, if you’re working remotely and don’t need a car each day, you should look into the Austin, Texas, area for more walkable neighborhoods.

The Taxes Are Lower Than You Think

Texas is among the handful of states that do not implement a personal or state income tax. However, homeowners in Texas make up for it by paying hefty property taxes. However, sales taxes are affordable, making Texans more motivated to shop and create businesses.

A lower cost of living typically means more money to spend on a luxury townhouse, apartment, or home, which is one of the top reasons why many Californians become Texans.

Be Prepared for Drier & Hotter Weather

In Texas, it’s hot outside. However, there are plenty of ways to cool down, from waterparks to beaches to local ice cream shops. Texas is one of the most scorching states in the country, and in areas like Dallas and San Antonio, prepare for scorching 100-degree weather during the summer.

It’s important to note that since Texas weather is dry, you may also face the year-round allergy season. Allergy season in Texas starts in September and rolls through the winter and summer months, as plants are still growing and thriving due to Texas’s warm climate.

Texas Cost of Living Is More Affordable

With all the state offers, you would think that the cost of living would be expensive. However, Texas’s cost of living is 6 percent lower than the national average. The average home cost around $300,000, and the average apartment rent is $1,082 per month, but the number will vary depending on where you live.

It’s always great to have additional info before relocating from California to Texas to prepare for the change in culture, expenses, and climate. You will love living in Texas and exploring the many entertainments, educational, and creative values it has.