What To Know Before Hiring Security Guards for Your Event

Do you have an event that you’re debating hiring security for? A security detail will provide safety and ease of mind for your guests, no matter the location or size of the event. Even if it’s last on the checklist, security guards are critical to the success of your event. There are a few key factors to consider before hiring security guards for your next event.

Consider Your Needs

The best thing you can do before hiring a security company is considering your event’s particular needs. You need to choose a reputable and trustworthy company.

Qualifications and Licensure

Check the qualifications of the staff before moving forward with a particular company. The guards should have a Master Security License that is up to date, and it’s a good idea they also have proper certification, including First Aid Certification. You need a company that will prove knowledgeable in various security situations.

Go Local

There are cultural and security risks unique to the residents of each area. You want a security company that is familiar with the location of the event. The guards are likely to be better equipped to handle certain situations because they understand the neighborhood.

Well-Rounded Company

You’re better off selecting a company with experience and expertise in multiple areas of business, events, and homes. You can have peace knowing the guards will handle circumstances in a professional and skilled manner.

How Much Security Is Needed?

It’s essential to scale how big the event will be when considering how large of a security presence you’ll need. The factors to consider include venue size and the number of guests invited. Usually, you think in terms of one security guard per 100 people. Talk with the security company you’ve hired to discuss their opinion and expertise on what they advise. They’ll ultimately have the best knowledge to handle the event.

Pay particular attention to the type of event you’re hosting. If you have high-profile or expensive assets present, you will most likely need a more prominent security presence.

Small Events

Even if your event is small, location is critical in deciding how much security detail you’ll need. If the event is an outdoor affair, consider hiring more security to patrol the perimeter. This advice is also advised for small gathering in a larger space. You want guests to feel safe and protected at all times.

Larger Events

The larger the event, the more security you’ll need in attendance. The sheer number of guests requires a more significant security presence to guarantee the crowd doesn’t get out of control. You don’t want a guest to hold you accountable for an injury because you didn’t hire enough guards.

Versatile Company

If your company has the funds to hire security for an event, the odds are that you need protection for other aspects as well. Look for a security company that offers various services, so you can continue to use the same company for different services your business requires.

These points should help you understand and decide which business will be the best fit for your event. If you need to reference back before hiring security guards for your next event, please do so.

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