What To Know About Following Golf Etiquette

All the world’s sports require some form of etiquette, but golf requires great etiquette. Players abide by many written and unwritten rules on the course, so you must know which to follow before you take your first swing.

Stay on the Right Path

If you’re new to the game, driving the golf cart may be the most enjoyable thing about your round. However, you must adhere to the cart path rules. Although we’ve seen pranksters and TV and movie characters treat their golf carts like toned-down dune buggies, you shouldn’t put yours through the wringer, particularly if it destroys the course.

Always stick to the concrete path when driving the cart, even when it’s several yards away from your ball. Avoiding murky areas is particularly vital when the course is wet; otherwise, you’ll get a stern talking-to from the staff.

Keep Your Lips Sealed

Golf requires intense concentration and focus, and when you’re acting a fool on the course, you will get the death stare from nearby players. There’s a time and a place to yuck it up with your buddies; when another player is addressing the ball is not one of them. The only time other patrons on the course should hear your voice is if you yell “fore” after an errant shot.

Play Quickly

Few things in life test your patience more than being behind a bad and slow golfer. After enduring this pain for three holes, you might want to be in Dante’s seventh circle instead of waiting in the cart. You’re not competing for a major or setting the course record, so don’t take all day to hit a shot, or else you will be the bane of someone’s existence.

The Rules of the Green

Of all the places on the course, the green is where you want to be on your best behavior. There are several faux pas you could commit on the green. Your ignorance may initially humor your playing group, but it will wear thin quickly.

The most critical thing to remember is never to walk in front of someone’s line. Unfortunately, when playing on a real course, we cannot hit a button on a golf simulator to show us the break of the green. Thus, players must study the surface intently to see if anything could interfere with their putt.

Before you tee off the for the first time, it’s crucial to know and effectively follow the rules of golf etiquette. Even if you’re approaching triple digits on the scorecard, you can still play with common courtesy.

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