What Makes Military Boots Unique Compared to Other Boots

People who wear boots can tell you that there are several distinct types on the market, each with a unique purpose. For example, you have cowboy boots, made for riding horseback, and work boots, made for heavy-duty work and protection, and then you have combat and tactical boots.

These last two are similar, but not quite the same. Tactical boots take on a lot of similarities from combat boots but suit civilian defense uniforms, such as with the police force or security. Read on to discover what makes military boots unique compared to other boots on store shelves.

The Lacing

If you’ve never looked closely at military combat boots, you’ve most likely never noticed the specific way wearers put them on. Unlike many other kinds of boots, wearers lace these from the toes up to nearly the calf, where most military boots cut off.

This lacing structure allows for stability during wear and ensures that the boot will not slide. It also helps with traction and supports the foot and ankle. This feature makes for a boot that can trek through any terrain without issues.

Multiple Outsoles

With combat boots, you will notice multiple layers of soles. The shoe’s design includes a heavily reinforced sole, a midsole on the inside, and an outer sole, all to shape and protect the foot.

This sole style makes for a perfect form around the foot, protecting the boot and preventing it from wearing out faster. This excess support also dulls the effect of hard surfaces so that you can walk endlessly in these boots without experiencing discomfort.

Heavy-Duty Construction

Unlike conventional boots, manufacturers use the heaviest construction of leather, metal, glue, and stitching throughout the process of making military boots. All the excess weight and heavy-duty material protect the feet during wartime environments. The high-quality construction ensures these boots can withstand rough terrain, heavy usage, and impacts.

There are many factors that make military boots unique compared to other boots—understanding the main traits that combat boots have can help you decide if these boots are suitable for your wardrobe.