Ways To Present Your Family History

If there is one thing that the year 2020 has taught us, it is the importance of appreciating and celebrating the people in our life. This is especially true of the family members we turn to when things feel at their worst. This is why it is so important to take the time to learn and educate others about where you come from. Here are seven unique ways to present your family history.

Coffee Table Book

Creating a coffee table book to represent your family is a great way to put old family photos and mementos to use. Curating a scrapbook that details some of the amazing things your ancestors did is a great way to motivate future greatness.

Framed Letters

In many families, there exists a stack of letters that our ancestors sent to one another. Many times, these notes capture a moment in history between those responsible for your very existence. You can also frame old family recipes and certificates if you are going for a rustic design scheme in your home.

Celebration Board

Your family’s history doesn’t stop simply because you were born. A celebration board is great for displaying important family events such as birthdays and anniversaries in a fun way that doesn’t involve replacing a calendar every year. Simply write the name and date of each event on a tag and hang it from the appropriate spot on the board for a unique conversation starter.

Family Tree Artwork

Speaking of unique conversation starters, one of the more unique ways to present your family history is with family tree artwork. These can give a better visual representation of where your family comes from and offers a reason to learn more about your ancestors.

Photo Wall

Branching out in much the same way as a family tree, a photo wall is another great way to display your family photos. This provides a display that summarizes where you descended from while creating interest from others who view the pictures.


Many families have a quilted heirloom that they have passed down through each generation and added to over the years. These quilts are a great way to tell your family’s history while offering a warm blanket for those chilly winter nights.


As tattoos have become more socially acceptable, some people are now using their skin to display their family history. Be it tattooing a crest, family tree, or a photo of a deceased relative, this method of expression is a permanent way to honor those closest to you.

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