Ways To Make Your Kitchen Unique

The kitchen is where we spend a lot of time in our homes. The living room gets the reputation of the place where you spend most of your time at home, but the kitchen is really that room. You do a lot of things in the kitchen, and it’s a selling point in a home. A kitchen should be a reflection of your home’s personality. Discover some ways to make your kitchen unique.

Update Your Flooring

There’s a lot of flooring trends you can get on. One of the most popular types of kitchen flooring is tile, although a recent trend is to have hardwood flooring in your kitchen. If you aren’t looking for a huge DIY project or don’t want to budget for a full flooring remodel, you can always stencil existing tiles. This is a simple, easy DIY project. Simply choose a tile-size stencil and paint over the floor with the stencil down.

Get New Backsplash

A backsplash is truly the backbone of kitchen design. The backsplash should complement the home’s décor and overall style while serving the purpose of keeping your kitchen easy to clean. In kitchens that are mainly neutral in color, going with an interesting or brightly colored backsplash can brighten the room. Having multiple colors and a bright backsplash, such as one made with blue glass tile, can give the room depth and dimensions. If you have a smaller kitchen or a galley kitchen, try a larger tile backsplash to help the room look larger and more spacious. Try to make the backsplash complement, not match, the flooring in your kitchen. This will create depth and give your kitchen a cohesive feel.

Match Your Appliances to Your Cabinetry

Stainless steel appliances are trendy right now, but a timeless choice is outfitting your appliances with matching cabinetry to the rest of your kitchen. This conceals the appliances so that you can have the most cohesive room possible. Many cabinet-makers can custom-design cabinets to be attached to your appliances for this purpose. If you’re planning to replace your cabinets soon, consider purchasing appliance cabinetry at the same time so that they all match perfectly.

There are many more ways to make your kitchen unique. Explore all your options, and make your kitchen perfect for you.

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