Ways To Maintain Your Business’s Parking Lot

People like convenience in our modern world. So much shopping is done online these days, meaning it’s a priority for any business with a brick and mortar to make its location a place patrons love to visit. This starts from the outside and extends inward.

While we’re thinking of the outside, we will discuss ways to maintain your business’s parking lot. These important details can get overlooked, but they go a long way in setting the tone for the customer’s experience.

Create a Painting Routine

Painting the parking lot is a vital part of its overall maintenance. Nobody likes dealing with faint lines that make it difficult to distinguish one space from another. It’s key to hire professionals whenever painting needs to get done.

You may wonder how often your parking lot should get restriped. A good rule of thumb is to make this an annual practice, though more or less time may elapse depending on the climate of where you live. We find it best to keep your eyes open and exercise personal judgment.


Avoid restriping in the winter, as most paint does not dry correctly on cold days.

Keep It Neat and Tidy

Ensure the upkeep of your parking lot by keeping it clean. This will save you money in the long run because you’re taking care of the pavement, meaning you spend less time on repainting or repairs.

You can have your team sweep the lot whenever they take out the trash to help this best practice become part of the work day. However, you might have to look for professionals for more complicated cleaning jobs, such as if any vehicles leave fluids behind.

Regardless, cleaning is an easy way to maintain your business’s parking lot and is worth taking the effort, whether in the hands of your employees or a team who specializes in the task.

Have Quality Drainage in Place

Anyone who has ever gone out after heavy rain knows that flooding makes driving arduous. Parking lots need to have drainage systems to rid the area of water. Patrons can’t enjoy a business that’s drowning in a mini sea.

In addition to being a gargantuan nightmare for visitors, water can damage the parking lot’s asphalt. Do yourself and everyone else a favor by investing in drains and grates.

Parking lot upkeep doesn’t have to be complicated. Paint the area every year to ensure lines stay nice and crisp. Keep the parking lot clean and have drains for rainy days. These simple maintenance tips will help keep your business a great destination for all to visit.