Ways To Keep Your Employees Safe
As an employer, it’s your responsibility to ensure the safety of your employees. To achieve this, consider these ways to keep your employees safe.

An employer must be ever vigilant that their workplace is a safe and secure environment free of danger and harassment. Spotting any potential issues or hazards is critical for the prevention of larger problems and there are a few ways to keep your employees safe that any good employer should consider. With a little bit of guidance, your workplace will see notable improvement and your employees will know you have their well-being in mind.

Working During COVID-19

A growing trend since March, you should do whatever you can to have your employees work remotely if possible. This will help them keep isolated from any potential carriers of COVID while still allowing them to work and be productive, which in turn keeps your business afloat and provides your employees with job security. Make sure you provide your employees with all the means necessary for remote work to reduce the chances someone will take unnecessary risks because they feel their source of income is in danger.

However, we understand there are some businesses where you simply must have employees physically present. In this scenario, put in place policies and procedures that follow CDC guidelines and give your employees a confident plan in the event of an emergency. Otherwise, sanitation is the name of the game.

Sanitation and Upkeep

To avoid disease and injury, you want to make sure your workplace is routinely sanitized, disinfected, and maintained. A filthy workplace can quickly become a breeding ground for bacteria and germs. Many common items such as phones and doorknobs are hotspots for germs because of how often they are handled by so many people.

Maintaining the integrity of your offices and equipment will not only keep your business running efficiently but will avoid injuries should something break while an employee uses it or become decrepit and pose hazards such as sharp edges or falling.

Best Hiring Practices

How and who you hire is one of the ways to keep your employees safe. With thorough procedures, you should get a good grasp on the people you hire to ensure you’re not bringing in someone that may potentially make for a hostile or dangerous work environment. One practice many don’t think to include in their hiring practices is a drug test. A common mistake is assuming drug tests are accusatory or hostile, something only administered with reasonable suspicion, but rather should be treated as a safety measure. Someone with a serious drug habit may be unpredictable and present a threat to your other employees, but makes for a good opportunity to get someone suffering from a drug habit the help they need.

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