Ways To Freshen Up Your Bedroom This Spring

In the novel Anne of Avonlea, by the lauded L.M. Montgomery, Anne exclaims, “That is the one good thing about this world… there is always sure to be more springs.” The arrival of springtime creates a vividly memorable sense of energy, wonder, and renewal. No matter where you are in the world during this season, there’s nothing like the feeling of rebirth and revival after a long, dreary winter.

Now more than ever is the perfect time to breathe new life into your living spaces. Out of all the rooms in your home, your bedroom is a sacred place where you both begin and end your day. Since we spend an immense portion of our lives sleeping, your bedroom should be a room that emits peace, rest, and relaxation. Let’s take a hint from the changing outdoors and uncover ideas to change up your indoor space. Here are a few ways to freshen up your bedroom this spring.

Welcome the Outdoors In With Plants and Flora

The sight of the budding trees stirs up an urge to spring-clean, as well as an impulsive urge to literally bring the outside in. Out of all the ways to freshen your bedroom this spring, welcoming greenery into your home is at the top of the list. Green is the color of growth and change.

Hang a bright floral wreath on your wall or door, decorate with small living flora to clean the indoor air, or pop a larger potted plant in an empty corner to bring bona fide life into your sleeping space. If your thumb’s more brown than green, you can hang up floral artwork or nature pictures to ramp up a more organic ambiance.

A Change of Scenery: Switch Up Your Bedding

With the rise in warming temps and refreshing breezes, there’s no longer a need to bury yourself under inches of down or layers of blankets each night. Bring out your lighter duvet that’s more appropriate for the seasonal weather. Don’t forget about sheets either.

Pairing classic linen sheets with light and fun-colored throws or pillows is what’s trendsetting during these months. The right color or pattern is sure to provide an expressive pop that illuminates an undertone of exuberance within the room.

The Ultimate Spring Renewal: Make a Furniture Upgrade

You can always revamp or rearrange the furniture you have, but experimenting with new aesthetics, looks, and textures of furniture can bring a refreshed vibe into the room in a jiffy. You can easily introduce zesty expressions and appearances that can grow with you throughout the year.

A new nightstand or dresser can do the trick, but why not act boldly in the spirit of the season and elevate your design with a luxuriously contemporary bed? Upgrading your bed frame is the consummate act of spring renewal in your bedroom. You can choose from natural oak bases to velvet backs and tufted platforms. A top-notch supplementary mattress can help you wake up feeling invigorated for all that is to come. That extra bounce in your step is a symbol of spring that nobody can deny.

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