Ways to Expand Your Home Garage

Over the years, you may find that you require more garage space at home as you acquire more vehicles. While some people utilize an external storage service, it is often a better option to invest upfront in home garage expansion so that you may have easy access to all your cars at any given moment and avoid ongoing fees in the future. There are a handful of ways to expand your home garage, each of which you might prefer, depending on your individual situation. These are the solutions you might consider.

Enlarge the Space Laterally

When you have enough space to work with on your property, enlarging your garage laterally is a straightforward route to take. You can accomplish this by taking out a wall that faces the outside yard. From there, you’ll need to have additional flooring, walls, and roofing built by a professional who can ensure that the structure is not damaged in any way during the process. As you decide what the dimensions of your expansion will be, it is wise to adjust for more room than you currently anticipate. This way, your garage will accommodate potentially larger vehicles that you acquire later on and allow you plenty of space to store tools and other items.

Carry Out a Full Demolition

Instead of taking on the more delicate work of width expansion, it is sometimes better to completely demolish your garage and rebuild a new one in its place. If you own an older home and notice signs of severe decay in your garage’s structure, you might select this option rather than use up time, effort, and funds attempting to repair the space while you try to enlarge it. This way, you won’t need to consider your garage’s weak level of stability. Moreover, you’ll have more freedom with the garage design than you would get with any other procedure. Hire an architect to help you by designing a garage that melds with the rest of your home’s style, as well as a trustworthy contractor to make that design a reality.

Incorporate Car Lifts

For those with ample vertical space in their garages, incorporating car lifts is likely the best way to expand the home garage. You won’t need to go through the extensive work of altering the structure itself, as professionals can install car lifts within the garage to effectively add more parking spots without tampering with anything that already exists there. There are different home car lift types that may utilize chains or hydraulic systems to raise and lower vehicles. A garage section that could once hold only one car can thus hold two with a car lift when the platform is moved up. One car sits at ground level, while the second rests directly above it.

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