Ways To Design a Sophisticated Living Room

Your living room can make a statement about who you are as a person by being charming and refined. You should make style choices that reflect your enlightened tastes if you value elegance and splendor. Continue reading to discover a few different ways to design a sophisticated living room.

Choose the Right Color Palette

Use the 60-30-10 rule when incorporating a color scheme. That means splitting colors into 60 percent dominant (your walls), 30 percent secondary (furnishings), and 10 percent color components (accouterments). You should also try and go from darker to lighter colors as you work your way up vertically.

Lay Down Ornate Rugs

Rugs with ornate designs provide color and texture to a space while also pulling everything together in a consistent fashion. A bright eastern rug or kilim exudes luxury and grandeur. You can also use an animal skin rug to add a unique touch.

Add an Artificial Fireplace

If you don’t already have one built in, adding an artificial fireplace makes your space feel warmer and cozier while drawing in focus. Choose a mantle, hearth, and surround that complements your area’s overall appearance and feel to add even more flair. A fireplace is also an excellent way to showcase decorative items such as flowers, fancy sconces, and artwork.

Use Sculptures As Statement Pieces

A stylish sculpture draws the eye in immediately and sets the tone for the rest of the space. Feel free to mix and match classical works with modern ones to see which ones fit best. Pay close attention to the architecture when choosing the correct sculpture for your living room.

Accessories Are the Perfect Finishing Touch

You should place accent pillows on furnishings that complement your color scheme. Heighten the opulence further with silk and satin cushions, blankets, and draperies. Hang artwork around the room that you love.

Using these different ways to design a sophisticated living room will wow the guests who come through your door. You’ll be sure to reflect your style and substance through your choices.

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