Ways To Create and Sustain a Positive Company Culture

Regardless of the industry you’ve built your business in, a solid company culture is key to keeping your employees happy and thriving. From overall business values to a collaborative and productive work environment, culture influences every aspect of the workday and ensures that everyone is working towards the same goals. As such, it’s important that you not only find methods to develop a culture of your own, but also do so in ways that are manageable for your team. These are a few ways to create a positive company culture and sustain it—even while working from home.

Offer Praise for Achievements

Many employees consider it important to feel noticed and appreciated for their hard work day after day. Not only does this make them feel good about their role, but it also reassures them that you support them in meeting their professional goals. You can do this by offering verbal praise, or even giving out awards depending on the scale of their achievement. Either way, your team will come to work with a more positive attitude and ready to take on the day’s challenges.

Use an Open-Door Policy

Another way to create a positive company culture is by establishing an open-door policy with your employees. Workers who feel detached from their direct manager often feel more hesitant to go to them to resolve issues. This can lead to miscommunication and could generate additional problems. So, showing your employees that you’re willing to put other matters aside for them has a large impact on their comfort level around you. The more comfortable they are, the better communication you’ll have with your team as a whole.

Encourage Work-Life Balance

You should also make sure that you’re encouraging your employees to find a balance between their work and personal lives. Requiring them to always be dedicated to the job is the perfect recipe for burnout because breaks and relaxation time are essential to maintaining a productive mind. It’s especially important to emphasize this in the current age of working from home. Since the line between working and non-working hours is blurred, it’s up to you to tell them it’s okay to set these boundaries.

Host Regular Social Events

Overall, company culture is rooted in the positive relationships you foster between the members of your team. Social gatherings greatly assist with this by allowing individuals to get to know one another outside of work and interact in a more personal way. Even if you can’t have in-person meetings at this time, there are still ample ways to maintain your company culture remotely—including by hosting virtual socials or meet-and-greets.