Ways To Be More Supportive To a Recovering Addict

Everyone has a period in their life when they need extra help from those around them. This is especially true for someone recovering from an addiction. Patients are often under much duress emotionally and physically which can be difficult for family members to adapt to. To help ensure recovery is a success, loved ones should seek out ways to be more supportive to a recovering addict. The extra effort goes a long way and helps patients ground themselves in a safe and healthy environment, improving the chances of rehabilitation.

Educate Yourself On the Topic

One of the first and most important ways to be more supportive to a recovering addict is to simply learn what they’re experiencing. Every addiction is different, so read up on symptoms as well as common emotional side effects. Study the origins of the drugs and learn about methods commonly used to counter the addiction. Explore common treatments offered by inpatient facilities and ask questions of professionals at local outpatient facilities. By educating yourself on the details of a loved one’s addiction, it’s easier to understand and be supportive when they don’t always react how they used to.

Emphasis On Cooperation

The next step to being truly supportive is to understand that recovery is not solely dependent on the addicted individual. Addiction is very complicated and hard, which is why a battery of treatments are used to assist. This includes mentoring in rehabilitation centers to keep patients focused on building new and healthier habits. The home life of a patient needs to be beneficial as well, so they have a safe place to recuperate after treatment sessions and daily life stressors. Take the time to release any personal anger, disappointment, and unreal expectations you may have towards this person. Most of all, be a positive and helpful influence.

Be Watchful But Understanding

Recovery from addiction is not always a straight or smooth road. Unlike taking medicine for a headache, there’s no quick treatment. In a fast-paced world of instant gratification, it’s not uncommon for people to expect patients to return from a treatment center completely cured. This is unrealistic and can be very damaging to the recovery path. Addiction is all about overcoming the body and the mind craving a substance. Therefore, supportive family and friends are key to making steady progress.

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