Unusual Products That Come From Animals and Their Uses

Many normal-seeming products you eat daily have interesting origins. The products on this list come from or were made by animals. There are many different uses for animal products that you probably don’t know about. Read on to learn about the unusual products that come from animals and their uses.

Greek Yogurt

This product comes from milk, not necessarily from cows but from any animal that produces it. Manufacturers of Greek yogurt use bacteria that ferment the milk. This bacteria has different variants that affect the texture, taste, and sometimes the color. This technique came as a solution for spoiled milk, giving it another use and extending its life span.

Yogurt is not only a delicious breakfast; it is also a cream that relieves pain from sunburns. Smearing it over the affected area will help decrease the pain and speed up the healing process.

Raw Honey

Bees’ delicious and sweet product comes from a long process inside their tiny bodies. Bees collect pollen. This begins a process that concludes with the bees “vomiting” the finished product. They have special storage and valves where they process honey and secrete it onto the hive. Bees also eat their honey for energy.

Due to its natural properties and qualities, honey can improve your hair’s health. You don’t want to miss out on the many benefits of raw honey.

Delicious Bagels

Bagels have more ingredients than bread. They contain a chemical made mostly from bird feathers and human hair. To make a bagel, these ingredients must go through a long process that will transform and eliminate anything that could be dangerous for human consumption.

Bagels surprisingly have multiple uses. They are delicious with cream cheese during breakfast, but you can also wait for them to harden like a rock and use them as paperweights.

Wiggly Gelatin

This delicious and jiggly dessert has unique ingredients like no other. Some of the main products used to create it are animal bones, tendons, and skin. They are all boiled down and transformed into a powder that gives something extra to gelatin–one of the finest unusual products that come from animals and their uses.

“Gelatin” comes from collagen, which we find in bone, muscles, skin, tendons, and cartilage. Another use for gelatin is in cosmetics. Because of the amount of collagen in it, it’s perfect for skin products and creams.