Unique Kitchen Renovation Ideas

If cooking isn’t feeling as fun as it used to and the thought of spending time in the kitchen brings you down, the room might be due for an update. Outdated kitchens are notorious for being stale and uninteresting. White appliances? Time to update. Farmhouse sink? Update. Original countertops? Major update!

When it’s time to breathe fresh life into your home, don’t copy everyone else’s layouts. Consider these unique kitchen renovation ideas to add some glamour to your space.

Ditch the Coffee Bar for a Real Bar

Nowadays, every house seems to have a cute makeshift coffee bar in its kitchen. Even if you’re a coffee-lover, the idea of a coffee bar is becoming overdone and outdated. Instead, think about leaning into the moody aesthetic of a kitchen with a real bar. Add space for a bartender and two or more stools for lounging. Proudly display your fanciest and most intricate decanters and glasses. The home bar is the new coffee bar.

Move Over Subway Tile, It’s Time for a Bold Statement

Subway tile is a timeless addition to any kitchen as a safe and clean backsplash. However, its ability to look good in any kitchen led to it being overused and turned into the “safe” (read: boring) choice. Rip yours out and get something a little more luxurious installed! Consider the bold, colorful intrigue of fish scale tile. Let your home’s style communicate your one-of-a-kind personality through a dazzling backsplash. This is one of the best and most unique kitchen renovation ideas.

Builder Grade Lighting Is So Yesterday—Invest in Lighting You Love

If your kitchen is still relying on the dimly lit lighting installed by your home’s builder, you’re not getting the best experience possible from the space. No luxury kitchen is complete without a stunning chandelier and built-in LED cabinet lighting. This lighting upgrade will make a big difference in the usability and look of your kitchen space.

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