Top Things Grooms Forget To Do for Their Wedding

Wedding planning is an overwhelming endeavor, and it’s easy for things to slip your mind. The couple must handle immense responsibilities, which can lead to stress, even if they have help. In many cases, the bride manages much of the planning, but the groom must remember a few crucial obligations. If you’re engaged, check out the top things grooms forget to do for their wedding.

Write Vows

This may seem like a silly task to forget, but sometimes, grooms get so wrapped up in the details of the evening that they fail to remember their vows. When creating a schedule for the wedding planning, make sure you both have ample time to write vows.

Buy the Bride a Gift

Traditionally, the groom gives the bride a gift on their wedding day. While many people forgo this custom, it’s a gesture that makes your bride feel truly loved. Buy her a gift well in advance and put a groomsman in charge of wrapping it and bringing it to the wedding.

Get a Wedding Band

This is something the bride typically remembers, but grooms often forget until the last moment. Since the groom already purchased and gave his bride an engagement ring, he may feel like that will suffice. However, the wedding band and the engagement ring are separate rings. Make sure you explore how to pair your wife’s wedding band to her engagement ring before the wedding.

Dress Socks

Believe it or not, grooms often forget to bring dress socks to their wedding. Usually, the groom is so concerned about the suit, tie, shoes, cufflinks, and other accessories that he forgets his socks. Wearing white ankle socks may ruin a lot of photos. Put a groomsman in charge of bringing plenty of pairs of extra dress socks for the groom and any other groomsmen.

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