Top Reasons You Need To Replace Your Home's Air Filter

There is a lot of maintenance you need to stay on top of in your home, but there is some maintenance that can easily slip through the cracks, such as replacing your air filter. While some might argue you don’t need to replace your air filter often, or that you don’t even need one at all—you run the risk of several issues if you do this. Find out why with the top reasons you need to replace your home’s air filter regularly.

For Better Air Quality

Health should always be a top priority, and replacing your air filter regularly is one way to make this happen in your home. When you don’t replace your home’s air filter, you have to deal with allergens, dirt, pet dander, and dust all around your home. Having issues like dust build-up in your home can lead to serious health complications. Replace your air filter and instantly get rid of the harmful particles and provide your home with clean air.

Reduce Energy Costs

Not replacing your air filters regularly will also result in your home’s HVAC unit working much harder than it needs to. That is why you might have noticed your energy bill increase in cost. It’s simple: replace your air filter and save money.

Prolong the Life of Your HVAC Unit

Like any part of your home, you can keep it around for a long time if you give it the care it requires. A major part of HVAC unit maintenance is changing out the air filter when the time comes. Neglecting this piece of maintenance can result in you having to replace your expensive HVAC unit much sooner than usual.

To Improve Unit Performance

The fourth and final reason you need to replace your home’s air filter is so you can improve the unit’s performance. As we mentioned earlier, not replacing your air filter can make it work harder and lead to breakdowns because it isn’t clean. Take care of any issues before pricey problems begin to arise.

Now that you understand why replacing your air filter is important, you might be asking when you should do it. Either replace your air filter every 30 to 60 days or hold the filter up to the light and replace it once the light no longer passes through it.

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