As a company started in Vegas, it’s only fair to present you with the best coffee shops (in our humble opinion) in Las Vegas! That is not to say, there aren’t plenty more but throughout the year, we found these top 5 to be unique in the following categories: quality of coffee, service, atmosphere, food, and uniqueness.

Aware Coffee & Tea Lounge
Aware used to be called Tea Time but recently changed their name last year to Aware. They still sell the same delicious, tasting boba teas and smoothies. The service is on point and the atmosphere is rather quiet which makes it the perfect spot to stop by and relax as they do play a fantastic Spotify playlist (playlist can be found here: ). Although there is no food service other than desserts, (with Vegan options we may add) it is number one due to their coffee! All their teas, mixtures, and syrups are made in-house. Try their chai tea which is one of the best we’ve had in Las Vegas. Tip! Any of their lattes can be made vegan.

Sunrise Coffee
How can we not add this coffee shop to the list? With over 600 reviews on Google and over 1,000 reviews on Yelp, Sunrise is one of the most ethical coffee shops in Las Vegas. From their fair trade, single-origin coffees to their homemade pasties and local ingredients and friendly staff and let’s not forget, the atmosphere and space availability, Sunrise is the place to visit while in Vegas if you are a coffee lover. Sunrise serves specialty drinks every season and offer their Pumpkin Spice Latte year around, yes we said it, year round! It’s vegan-friendly too. Feel free to also try their cayenne mocha latte (the right amount of spice) and a variety of their pasties and meals. They also have a drive-thru which makes it easier to order.

Gabi Coffee & Bakery
Gabi is not a well-known coffee shop as it typically does not show up on listings when you try to search for “coffee shops in las vegas” or “best coffee shops in las vegas.” This coffee shop is unique in the fact that it has no sign which makes it difficult to find and it is located in China Town. Once you enter through the large, antique door, you’ll feel as it you’ve walked straight into the world of Alice in Wonderland. The decor is unlike any other shop in Las Vegas which makes it the perfect spot to take those exciting Instagram photos. There is a greenhouse-like structure in the center of the cement-and-brick-walled space that houses the kitchen, and numerous finishes and lavish furnishings collectively invoke a 19th century aesthetic, with stacks of books, vintage-style hardware and Edison bulbs suspended from driftwood. Be sure to try any item on the menu, such as juices, lattes, manual pour over coffees, plus espressos, and more.

ArtBus Coffee
Catch the bus if you can! ArtBus Coffee is mobile and typically show up at local events. How did they get on the list? Well, the owner, Steve Patchin, is a digital artist who loves both the arts and coffee. Art Bus Coffee is a mobile coffee shop and art gallery in an English double decker bus. While researching ideas for presenting art to the public so more people can experience it, Steve realized that the best way to reach more people would be to take the art to them. He converted a 985 Leyland Olympian to a cute coffee bar/art gallery. Go up to the second level of the bus, and relax among the artwork. Steve says, “The satisfaction of tasting a good cup of coffee or espresso is very much like the satisfaction of seeing good works of art: they both feel right. And what better way to do both at the same time than having a coffee and experiencing art on a classic, English, double decker bus?” The coffee itself is delicious and there are Vegan options as well.

PublicUs (pub-li-cus) is a canteen-style, neighborhood restaurant and coffee bar located in the Fremont East District of Downtown Las Vegas. PublicUs opened their doors in 2015. All of PublicUs’ syrups are made in-house. Make sure you try their London Fog which consists of an organic Earl Grey tea to which they add a house made bergamot oil, cold-pressed ginger, and a touch of organic, unrefined sugar. PublicUs’ coffee is purchased in “tiny” amounts by McBride from Cafe Imports, then roasted in Seattle by Velton Ross and sold directly back to PublicUs.