Tips for Upgrading to a Green Office

All around the globe, companies are rushing to upgrade to become more sustainable and environmentally friendly. While there are many ecological reasons to make the transition, there are financial benefits that come with it as well. Here are four tips for upgrading to a green office that will reduce your carbon footprint and increase your bank account.

Reduce Paper Use

In any office setting, it is impossible to walk into a business and not see paper everywhere. While some of this use is necessary, much of it is wasteful. One way to lower paper use is to encourage the use of emails or chat programs in place of paper for memos that need to be sent out. Another way is to make printing less convenient by reducing the number of printers, which will dissuade employees from getting up and walking over to them. Lastly, consider virtual backups of your files instead of paper. Not only will this cut down on your consumption, but it will also free up a considerable amount of space.

Change Purchasing Patterns

There are many purchases made at the office that can be replaced with better alternatives. In the break room, consider ditching the plastic utensils and polystyrene cups for metal silverware and personalized company tumblers. These will have a higher initial cost but will more than make up the investment in savings. The same is true for the next suggestion of purchasing LED light bulbs to replace those incandescent dinosaurs.

Change the Ambiance

With those LED bulbs comes a change in the way that the office is lit. LED light bulbs are much more energy-efficient and can last up to 30,000 hours. Potted plants will also improve how green the office is, both figuratively and literally. Plants not only help improve the air quality and scent of an office, but they can also help to reduce stress and improve mental health.

Start a Green Team

The final step is to start a committee dedicated to reducing waste in your office. This is the most involved of the steps, requiring the participation of your coworkers. This group’s first job should be to start a recycling program to help reduce the company’s carbon footprint. They should then start working on ways to reduce the use of additional resources such as electricity, materials, packaging, and water.

All of these tips for upgrading to a green office can help improve the planet and your bottom line.

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