Tips for Styling Leather Furniture in Your Home

If you want to add a bit of bold elegance to your home, purchasing leather furniture is a great option. However, you need to style a room around the leather furniture and not vice versa. By fashioning the space around it, you ensure that the sofas or chairs will blend nicely with the rest of the décor. To help you decorate the room, here are a few tips for styling leather furniture in your home.

Add Accessories

To give your home a comfy and cozy feel, add a few light-colored pillows and blankets to the leather furniture. The key is to use pillows and blankets that are lighter than the leather so they can stand out.

Surround With Lighter Colors

Another tip for styling leather furniture in your home is to surround the couches or chairs with lighter colors. For example, a dark leather couch in a room with dark furniture and accessories would give off an overly grim mood. Instead, incorporating lighter colors like white, cream, and gray is preferable for the walls and surrounding furniture. Keep in mind that not all of the pieces surrounding the leather sofas or chairs need to be lighter, just the majority of them.

Avoid Matching Furniture

Instead of buying solely leather pieces, it’s better to mix up a couple of different types of materials. A room that contains too much leather furniture can look intimidating. Try adding a few hassocks and chairs with fabric upholstery to an area with a leather couch for a more welcoming appearance.

Mimic Retail Stores

If you’re considering buying leather furniture or already have it at home, you can acquire styling ideas by visiting retail stores. These stores usually have displays that show the different textures, colors, and styles that you can use with leather sofas and chairs.

Overall, leather furniture is a great addition to any home. Even though we all have different tastes, these tips will help you style any type of leather furniture to create a décor arrangement that’s bold, beautiful, and elegant.

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