Tips for Selling Your Car Online To a High-End Buyer

If you want to sell your car, but it’s not a beater—in fact, it’s quite nice—it’s a good time to turn to the internet. No one is spending their weekends lazily browsing dealerships; they’re at their computers, avoiding everyone and searching for the exact model they want. Wealthy car lovers have more money than time, so internet listing sites are a good way to go—if you have the right strategies. Try these tips for selling your car online to a high-end buyer, and you’ll maximize your profits.

Use Glamour Shots

When you’re selling a used car that’s seen a lot of mileage—and looks like it—its appearance isn’t crucial. But a higher-end vehicle needs proper photos that showcase its personality, as well as clear shots of its notable features inside and out. Buyers who are looking for something special won’t even check your listing unless it’s impossible to ignore. Shine that car up for the car equivalent of a boudoir photoshoot. Get her in the sunshine, play up the angles to convey a sense of size, and check that the results do the car’s color justice. Use as many photos as you can without being repetitive.

Analyze Websites

Don’t waste your time on a website for the wrong demographic. If you live in a moneyed area, a neighborhood website like NextDoor could be a good bet for finding well-heeled neighbors who don’t want to travel far for their next status symbol. If you have a lot of the right connections on social media, post one of the glamour shots and casually mention how hard it is to part with that beauty. Just don’t try too hard; if you know the buyer personally, it’s better if the sale is their idea.

Auction sites have a solid track record for car sales; a Lamborghini sold at auction for nearly $350,000 last year. But beware that you may have to settle for whatever starting bid you choose and that you might run the risk of attracting a nonpaying bidder who got carried away after too much cognac. At least eBay has purchase protection programs to help cover you.

You can try your luck with Craigslist, but it can be rife with scam artists. Be on the alert, emphasize that you’ll only accept a cashier check or cash, and be very picky about test drives. If the classifieds make you queasy, head to websites that specialize in listings for higher-end cars.

Don’t Rule Out Alternatives

If all the best tips for selling your car online aren’t yielding results, you don’t want to just wait around for a dream windfall. Online services that cater to exotic or luxury cars have reputations for the best prices, not to mention convenience; these buyers come to you wherever you are in the country, inspect the goods, and pay you on the spot, in cash. And that, my friend, is what it’s all about.

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