Tips for Moving During Winter

Moving is one of the great challenges we face throughout our lives. There are additional hurdles that must be overcome if you are planning on a relocation during times of the year where extreme weather can play a factor. Here are four tips for moving during winter that will get you in from the cold.

Plan for Extra Time

Any time there are variables to account for that can turn as rapidly as the weather, you’ll need to allow for extra time. Because there are fewer daylight hours available, it’s important to make the most of the time you have. Keep a close eye on the weather forecast leading up to your move. Understand that it might be better to delay your move due to temperatures, icy conditions, or snow than to put the safety of anybody at risk.

Stay Organized

Especially true for a move in the winter, organization is essential. Knowing where your winter gear is could prove a lifesaver if you need anything mid-move. You should also be sure to have the utilities in your new home transferred to your home and ready to go on your moving day to avoid potentially having to sleep in your chilly new house. Follow the normal organizational steps for moving, including labeling boxes, having a stocked first aid kit easily accessible, and knowing where you want things in your new home.

Follow Safety Procedures

Another of the tips for moving during winter is to make sure you’re staying safe during your relocation. Following proper safety protocols can ensure you and your movers make it through your relocation unscathed. Clear any snow and ice from sidewalks and driveways to avoid slip-and-fall accidents. Be aware of the dangers of exposure to extreme winter temperatures which can lead to frostbite. If there are concerns about moisture, keep plenty of dry towels close at hand to lay on the floors of both homes. Finally, don’t leave boxes laying around in any corridors that experience heavy foot traffic to avoid tripping.

Caring for Your Movers

Finding help for any move can be a struggle, especially if you have to relocate during the cold season. Recruiting your friends to help is always an option, as is hiring a moving company if you’re willing to do the research first. No matter who is helping, you should try to make sure they’re taken care of. While the standard rate of beer and pizza is always appreciated, other options for mid-move include scheduled breaks, having warm drinks available, and keeping a room in your new home warm to allow a few moments of respite from the cold. If you do hire movers, be sure to tip them appropriately for the conditions.