Tips for Making Your Dog Feel Like Royalty

You love your dog, and you would do anything to make them feel like your little prince or princess. Pampering your precious puppy with as much money as you would spend on your own spa day is the special treatment they deserve. Dogs have different needs than humans, so how you pamper them is different than how you would treat anyone else who is special to you. These tips for making your dog feel like royalty will have your dog competing with the Queen’s Corgis for the throne.

Give Your Dog Fresh Food

If you want your dog to feel like royalty, they must eat like royalty. Recipes for homemade dog food have been seeing an upward trend in popularity. For those who love to cook, try turning common food scraps into healthy meals for your dog. Your dog will also appreciate the fresh taste of refrigerated store-bought fresh food. Some dogs love the crunch of Kibble. For the crunch-loving dog, make sure you buy the highest quality dog Kibble with as many healthy nutrients as possible.

Take Them to the Groomer

A clean dog is a happy dog, but they can’t do all the grooming on their own! Take your dog to a luxury groomer for a doggy spa day. When your puppy comes home, they’ll be clean, soft, and healthy. Not only will taking your dog to a groomer benefit their sheen, but it will also save you the work you’d otherwise have to do yourself. Take advantage of the many services a dog groomer offers to make the most of your visit.

Bring Your Dog on Your Next Vacation…

It’s not often your adventurous canine companion gets to see new sights. One of the most ambitious tips for making your dog feel like royalty is to take them with you on your next big trip so they can take in all the new sights and smells. Make sure any hotels you stay at are pet-friendly and that all activities will be fun for both you and your dog. You may have to make use of a local doggy daycare, so do your research before you leave.

Treat Them to Their Own Vacation

When it’s not possible to take your dog on vacation with you, make sure you treat them to a dog hotel that will pamper them as much as you pamper yourself. Boarding your dog at a dog resort or hotel may take a little bit of extra preparation, but once you’ve found the perfect place for a pet vacation, you’ll be using that same business for life. Make sure your puppy gets plenty of attention, social activity, and outside time every day while you’re away. The perfect doggy holiday eases the separation anxiety and loneliness that can come while you’re gone.

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