Tips for Layering Your Jewelry

The jewelry you wear can completely alter the tone of your outfit. Whether you choose to wear small and intricate charms or larger layers of gold chains, your accessories can highlight your style.

However, pairing different sets of necklaces, bracelets, and rings can also easily over-accessorize your outfits to look too busy or sloppy. To learn more about the best tips for layering your jewelry, continue reading our guide.

Choose Between Silver or Gold

One of the best tips for layering your jewelry is to only wear one metal at a time. While wearing silver and gold accessories together can sometimes be fashionable, mixing these metals when layering jewelry can often look messy.

Instead, choose one metal to wear consistently for each of your accessories. When you commit to wearing layers of similar gold necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and rings, your look is more likely to appear thoughtful and sophisticated.

Pick Different Necklace Lengths

When you layer different necklaces together, it’s essential to choose necklaces with varying lengths. If you pick necklaces with similar draping measurements, multiple necklaces are more likely to become tangled on your chest. However, when you organize your necklaces by wearing differing lengths, individual jewelry chains are more likely to be noticeable and admired.

When considering how to wear men’s necklaces, you ultimately want your jewelry to look thoughtful and effortless at the same time. Wearing different lengths of chains will help you attain this simple yet regal aesthetic.  

Simplify Textures

When we over-accessorize our outfits, we tend to overstimulate our visual senses with too many different colors, shapes, or patterns. When you’re layering your jewelry, you may be tempted to choose varying thicknesses and textures in your necklaces, bracelets, and rings to make individual jewelry pieces stand out. This methodology is a common mistake.

Layering jewelry does not necessarily mean wearing tons of accessories. Instead, choose one texture and thickness to narrow your jewelry choices and only wear pieces that complement each other. Wearing fewer pieces with similar textures will ensure that your look is more cohesive and not overwhelming to the senses.

The next time you layer your jewelry, remember that less is more. Don’t assume that layering jewelry means wearing every piece of jewelry at once. Instead, plan what colors, lengths, and textures pair best with your outfit. Your finished look will be the ideal combination of thoughtful and effortless.

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