Tips for How Men Should Organize Their Closets

Men who do not know how to organize their closets are doomed to repeat the same mistakes over and over again. Their clothing will ruffle, they will lose accessories, and they might permanently damage their finest items. If you have no clue how to keep all your valuable clothing items clean and together, read these tips for how men should organize their closets.

Put Folded Sweaters on Shelves

Men often mistakenly put their sweaters on hangers. Not only is this a poor use of closet space, but it also stretches the sweaters. To make sure this clothing item retains its shape, it would be wiser to neatly fold your sweaters and put them on the closet shelves. Depending on your collection and the closet’s size, you may need more than one shelf.

Suits Go in Garment Bags

Suits need garment bags. It is the best way to care for your suits while they are stored. Garment bags protect suits from dust and moths. They also take up a lot of space, so keep that in mind as you organize your shelves. The closet should have enough space so that the suits do not clump together.

Hang Dress Shirts on the Top Rods and Dress Pants on the Bottoms Rods

You want to organize your closet so that you can visualize different outfits. When you put your dress shirts on the top rods and your dress pants on the bottom, you can slide the items around to see which options match. Another important tip for how men should organize their closets is to organize these items by color so that it is easier to find the one you want.

Separate Seasonal Clothing Items

There are plenty of clothes that people do not wear year-round. Whether they are winter boots, Hawaiian shirts, or bathing suits, there is no reason to fill up your closet with pieces that you will ignore for months. Clear some space by moving seasonal items higher or lower in the closet. You should consider putting them in a bin on the top shelf.