Tips for Hosting a Successful Virtual Corporate Event

With the festive season right around the corner and danger still in the air, you may not be able to have your yearly holiday or new year’s corporate party in person. Still, as the busiest quarter of the year stresses out employees and managers alike, everyone needs a little morale boost during the time that usual business-sponsored party would be. Incorporate some classy fun into your employees’ lives with these tips for hosting a successful virtual corporate event.

Host on a Stable Internet Connection

No one wants to waste their time going to a virtual event that can hardly run through the lag and latency issues. Before you plan your virtual event, make sure your internet and computer can handle streaming to every employee in your network. Even with all the testing in the world, the final event may still have hiccups handling the full audience or unexpected internet outages. Be prepared to handle the worst-case scenario. Consider having a backup host to take over while you recover from an outage.

Deliver Gifts or Party Favors

The success of your corporate party relies on how immersed your team is during the live stream. Corporate gifts you either have delivered to your employees or have them pick up from the office will allow all employees to have something to talk about. You can also give them items that they’ll need during the virtual event—like cocktail kits or noisemakers. A shirt to remember the event by is essential for any corporate event, even virtual ones.

Come Up with Fun Activities—Not Just Ice Breakers

One of the most important tips for hosting a successful virtual corporate event is to run activities that people actually want to do. You may boast incentives for participation, raffles, or prizes that’ll make any other workplace jealous. Try to stray away from work-specific questions in trivia or jokes—provide opportunities for your employees’ diverse personalities to shine (in a work-appropriate manner, of course). Because people will still be at home, it’ll be impossible to capture the full energy of a work party—but allowing coworkers to socialize with each other outside of work at an event will provide your workplace with long-lasting good vibes.

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