Tips for Gardening in a Greenhouse

A charming greenhouse blossoming with bountiful flowers, fruits, and vegetables is the perfect accent to a luxurious backyard. Being able to garden any time of the year in any environment is one of the many benefits of owning a greenhouse. To make the most out of your indoor gardening experience, especially when you’re first starting out, read these tips for gardening in a greenhouse. With this advice, you’ll be able to cultivate a garden that will give you the best yields with no pests or hassles.

Start Fresh From Seeds

One of the most attractive parts of owning a greenhouse is its resistance to pests. While you will find the occasional bug that squeezes in through air vents or the entrance, you want those to be the only bugs you find. Any plant that you bring into your greenhouse from the outside will likely bring its pests in with it, allowing the bugs to have free breeding rights in your lovely indoor garden. Eliminate the risk of bringing in bugs or diseases by starting with new seeds.

Don’t Toast Your Plants

Sunlight is essential for the temperature regulation in your greenhouse, but too much will make the room far too sunny and hot for anything to grow. Vents will help mitigate this risk, but you may also need greenhouse shades for extra temperature control—especially in sunny southern California or any other sunbelt state.

Automate Temperature Control

You shouldn’t need to worry about your greenhouse as you’re trying to sleep at night. Nighttime leads to sharply plummeting temperatures in a greenhouse, and as we just said, sunny days lead to very high temperatures. One of the most important tips for gardening in a greenhouse is to automate your temperatures. By automating both the ventilation system and the heating system, you won’t need to dedicate your entire life to your new greenhouse. Different plants will prefer different temperatures. Make sure that you aren’t growing two or more plants that love vastly different environments at the same time.

Try a New Gardening Method

Greenhouses provide you with a vast amount of choices and possibilities for customization. While you certainly can stock your greenhouse with containers filled with soil, this could be a perfect opportunity to try a new gardening method—like hydroponic gardening. Setting up a hydroponic system for your plants will allow you to automate even more about your garden, use less space, and will better control the nutrients that you give your plants.

Succeeding at hydroponic gardening may take a couple of tries, but the garden will reward you with quicker plant growth, and it’ll be a flashier talking point for guests. Despite the name, a hydroponic system uses water more efficiently than a soil garden. The water goes directly to the roots of your plants, and runoff will cycle through the system again. A hydroponic system allows you to grow nearly anything—that, combined with a greenhouse, means that your gardening skills will be unmatched.

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