Tips for Designing an Industrial-Style Restaurant

Designing an industrial-style restaurant that’s both fashionable and functional can be a challenging task, no matter how experienced an interior designer is. You need to combine architectural detail with a sense of creativity and authenticity to create a space that feels unique and welcoming. If you’re looking for ideas or inspiration, use these tips for designing an industrial-style restaurant to create a distinctive atmosphere that customers will love.

Choose the Right Materials

Materials play a significant role in the overall look of an industrial-style restaurant. Concrete, brick, and metal are common in industrial themes, so make sure to incorporate them into your design. Prioritize texture and contrast as you choose materials. Combining rough, unfinished materials with something soft and comfortable adds visual interest and creates an engaging atmosphere.

Choose Furniture That Complements the Space

Selecting furniture that suits the restaurant is as essential as choosing the right raw materials. Furniture with metal frames or leather seating keeps the industrial theme going. Tables with a reclaimed wood finish also work perfectly and add richness and warmth to the space without contradicting the industrial atmosphere.

Implement a Custom Metal Countertop

A metal countertop is an excellent addition to any industrial-style restaurant. It’s a durable and practical choice that will withstand the rigors of daily use. Plus, it adds to the overall aesthetic of the space. When done right, a metal countertop can be a stunning centerpiece for any industrial-style restaurant interior.

Consider different edge profiles and other detailing to find a look that best matches your restaurant design. Sleek and simple profiles—such as bullnose or flat edge profiles—look right at home in an industrial aesthetic.

Incorporate Unique Elements

An industrial restaurant style doesn’t have to be all iron, steel, and concrete. As with any type of design, don’t be afraid to bend the rules and get creative. One of the best tips for designing an industrial-style restaurant is to include unusual or unexpected details. For example, you might incorporate wall art that highlights an industrial process, like welding. Alternatively, showcase a collection of vintage tools and machinery suspended from the ceiling as an installation piece. There are countless ways to use your imagination and bring some creative flair to the space.

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