Tips for Designing an Effective Beverage Label

Are you looking for ways to revamp your beverage products and bring more attention to your brand? A new label design might be the perfect solution. The right beverage label makes your product look incredible while showing off the best things about your company. Turn heads and stand out with these tips for designing an effective beverage label.

Choose Eye-Catching Fonts

The Font is often the first part of your label design that passersby see. Therefore, you should want a bold, interesting font choice that stands out among other products on the shelf. Make sure your font reflects the impression you want to give customers. For example, high-end wine bottles might feature fancy scripts that evoke feelings of wealth or royalty. Kids’ beverages, on the other hand, will often use large, playful fonts with lots of color to create excitement among the target audience.

Use Durable Label Materials

Your beverage label won’t do you any good if it rips or peels off before your customer gets a good look at it. One of the most important tips when designing an effective beverage label is to use durable materials that can withstand the journey your product takes through your supply chain, onto store shelves, and into customers’ hands.

For instance, if you expect customers to refrigerate or freeze your products, you want to make sure your label can hold up against condensation and other moisture. Understanding qualities such as waterproof vs. water-resistant labels will help make sure your label stays clear and legible until end users are done with it.

Follow Brand Guidelines

If you don’t already have brand guidelines to create consistency across your marketing projects, it’s time to change that. Brand guidelines help you create a uniform, visually pleasing designs that reflect your business accurately and help build brand recognition.

When building your brand guidelines, factor in your target audience, company values, the voice of your brand, and any logos, color palettes, or other imagery you already use for your business. When your beverage labels reflect these and other attributes of your brand, you create consistent imagery that helps customers recognize your company when they see your products on store shelves.