Tips for Decorating an Open Concept Living Room

An open-concept space is exciting to own but intimidating to decorate. It’s important to make this large space flow naturally so it doesn’t feel disjointed. At the same time, you want to break up the area to add some weight and definition to the room. How do you balance both of these ideas without making the room feel too empty or too cluttered? These simple yet effective tips for decorating an open concept living room can help you design the perfect space for you and your loved ones to enjoy.

Create Continuity With Little Details

Small details can create consistency throughout your space, tying it together no matter how you break up each part of the room. Use both color and texture to draw a room together. Use repeat fabrics with throw pillows and blankets throughout the space. Additionally, paint any trimming or other architectural details the same color.

Use Furniture To Separate the Room

Clever furniture placement allows you to break up a room into different areas. In fact, this is one of the many reasons for buying a sectional sofa. The large piece creates a natural border around your living area, effectively breaking up the open concept and bringing definition to the space.

Think of other ways to use furniture in your space. A desk and a bookshelf in the corner create a lovely study area or office. A table and chairs define your dining space. As you separate your space, make sure your furniture matches the scale of the room. This is one of the most crucial tips for decorating an open concept living room, as anything too small will look insignificant in the space.

Define the Space With an Area Rug

In addition to furniture, an area rug is a great way to ground a space and bring definition to the room. Place a rug in the center of the living room to create a cozy gathering space. Alternatively, establish a clear dining space by laying a rug beneath the dining table. Area rugs draw the eye to a certain space and create instant definition for each part of the room.