Tips for Carrying a Concealed Weapon While Wearing a Suit

When most people carry a concealed firearm, they do so in casual everyday clothes. If you enjoy everyday carry but have a special event coming up, you can bring your concealed carry weapon with you as long as you plan ahead. Consider these tips for carrying a concealed weapon while wearing a suit.

A Low-Profile Gun

You’ll find it easier to carry discreetly if the gun has a smaller, sleeker profile. In general, guns with the following characteristics are easier to conceal:

  • A single-stack pistol that has a thinner barrel and grip compared to one with a double-stack magazine.
  • A smaller caliber gun, which has a smaller barrel width and length.
  • Guns made with a sleek construction, having few protrusions such as notches and raised parts.

Pocket Carry Considerations

Each of the five common ways to wear your concealed carry holster presents different advantages and challenges while wearing a suit. A pocket holster will make your pocket look smooth while securing your gun so it doesn’t jostle around dangerously.

If you want to pocket carry, you’ll need to ensure your suit pockets are deep enough to keep the gun hidden. And the thicker the pocket lining, the more coverage you’ll have to prevent printing.

Ankle Carry Considerations

Ankle carry is a simple way to hide your weapon, but you might have concerns about reaching the gun in an emergency. Choose pants with wider legs that are easy to lift over the holster without snagging. Make sure your pant leg doesn’t lift high enough to reveal your weapon when you sit. And if you can’t comfortably bend without the threat of busting the inseam, choose looser pants or rethink this carry position.

Waistband Carry Considerations

Many people choose to carry inside or outside the waistband. This position combines familiarity and accessibility, and with the right suit jacket and pants, you can conceal your weapon well.

One of the top tips for carrying a concealed weapon inside your waistband while wearing a suit is to tailor your waistline a bit larger. With an inside the waistband holster, tailor your pants about two to three inches larger.

Consider adding an extra layer of lining to the portions of the jacket that lay over the gun. The lining will add thickness and make waistband carry easier to conceal. And if you’re carrying outside the waistband, ask your tailor to add weights to the bottom front corners of your suit jacket to prevent the fabric from flying up in a breeze and revealing your weapon.