3 Tips To Improve the Lifespan of Your Automatic Sliding Doors

Many commercial buildings have automatic sliding doors at their entrance. Not only do these doors provide a warm welcome for visitors, but they help keep traffic under control and help maintain climate zones. These are just several reasons why automatic sliding doors add value to your business.

Visitors will surely notice when these doors aren’t working. Keeping up with maintenance will substantially increase the longevity of your doors. Read on to learn three tips for improving the lifespan of your automatic sliding doors.

“Do You Hear That?”

Routinely enter and exit the building with the sliding doors yourself. When doing so, purposefully listen to the sound the doors make. Even the slightest change in sound can signal that the doors need some attention. You’ll want to call a professional immediately if there are unusual noises, such as squeaking, cracking, or whirring. Whether it’s in need of oil or a larger issue, you should schedule servicing as soon as possible.

Regular Maintenance

Regularly have a professional check for debris in the sliding doors. This is one of the most important tips out of these three tips to improve the lifespan of your automatic sliding doors. It’s common for obstructions to get in the way of the door from sliding back and forth. If you ignore this issue, you can face a costly fix down the road.

It’s much cheaper to invest in routine checks rather than purchasing new doors down the road. Consider having this check done every 30 days, around once a month. This scheduled inspection will also help ensure your commercial automatic door service is keeping up with safety regulations.

Oil, Oil, Oil

Regular oiling is necessary to preserve the life of your automatic sliding doors. You’ll need to apply lubricants regularly to avoid friction in the mechanism. A professional will understand the right kind of lubricant and how much lubricant your specific doors need. If you attempt this maintenance yourself, there’s more pressure to get it right. Take the pressure off your shoulders and have confidence that the pros will handle the job correctly and efficiently.