Thoughtful Gift Ideas for a Budding Videographer

Whether your loved one is a burgeoning TikTok star or hopes to become the next Kubrick, their passion requires some special equipment. Encourage the budding videographer in your life to chase their dreams with these thoughtful gift ideas.

Pocket Drone

Drones are a great way for the filmmaker in your life to capture unique bird’s-eye views. However, they can get a little bulky and awkward to carry around on a shoot. Gift them a drone that fits into the palm of their hand, and they’ll be encouraged to try it out more regularly.

Studio Headphones

The editing process requires concentration and crisp audio input. Help your budding auteur edit their videos with precision! A pair of studio-quality noise cancellation headphones will make editing go more smoothly.

Cinema Lens

The standard lens on your loved one’s camera may do the job but help them bring their footage to the next level. With a variety of camera lenses professionals use, it can be hard to choose the right one. Gifting them a cinema lens will upgrade their videography skills. A professional cine lens is designed for the rigors of shooting a video or full-length feature. Your filmmaker will have more control over their focal length with a cinematography lens!

Stabilizing Gear

Whether they’re using their smartphone or a professional video camera, the videographer in your life will want shake-free footage. Help them keep their camera steady with a stabilizer vest, tripod, or a handheld stabilizer for their phone.

Production Slate

Perhaps the most iconic symbol of filmmaking, a production slate is that black clapboard you see on movie sets at the beginning of a take. The slate has space for your loved one to write the name of their production and the scene number. That “clap” at the beginning of the take, as well as the color bars on the slate, help to sync audio and correct colors during editing.

Surprise the budding videographer in your life with a functional and thoughtful gift. Encourage their artistic hobbies now, and you may even get a shoutout in their next video production!