Things You Didn’t Know You Could Paint

We all know you can paint your walls, and maybe even your wooden furniture. But what about everything else? Can you paint your textiles? What about glass? There’s a long, ever-growing list of things you can paint. Some of them might just catch you off-guard. Keep on reading to discover some surprising things you didn’t know you could paint.

Metal Roof

Painting your metal roof is a great way to add a nice, custom look to your home. To do it properly, you’ll need to use special techniques and coatings. The type of paint you’ll need depends on the material of your roof. You can paint terne with oil-based paint, and galvanized steel with either zinc-dust paint or latex paint. However, if you paint your roof you’ll have to re-paint it periodically. It’s hard work, but if you like the look, it’s worth it.


With the right technique, you can turn your plain carpeting into a custom-made masterpiece. Grab some painter’s tape and upholstery paint to create interesting patterns in the carpet. Paint can be used to cover up unsightly stains or give your carpet a fun, brand-new color. This is a great way to reuse old carpet. Or, if you want something smaller, cut the carpet into pieces. You can paint the pieces and use them as either accent or area rugs.


If you can’t afford a complete kitchen makeover, you can revitalize your old appliances with paint. Use some liquid stainless steel for an instant upgrade. It provides a clean, modern look as durable as an automotive-grade finish. It works on refrigerators, sinks, and anything else that’s made of stainless steel.

Upholstered Furniture

Another thing you didn’t know you could paint is fabric—more specifically, upholstery. If you’re struggling to eradicate stains and other imperfections from your fabric upholstery, one solution is to cover them up with paint. Using a mixture of water, fabric medium, and latex paint, you can give your upholstered furniture a much-needed transformation.


Want to add a pop of color to your bathroom floors or kitchen backsplash? To paint your tile, you’ll need to use special epoxy paints or tile paints. These types of paint stick to the tile, and they’re not just durable—they’re washable, too. You can use a roller or paint brush to evenly apply paint to a tiled surface.

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