The Worst Mustang Mods of All Time

The Ford Mustang is a notable car that has undergone numerous generational changes that improved its style, performance, and reputation. From the 1964 first-generation model to the fifth- and sixth-generation S197 and S550, people have found ways to modify their Mustangs with different frames, engines, speeds, and wheels. However, not all of these modifications were the best ideas—here are some of the worst Mustang mods of all time.

Different Frame, Same Chassis

One of the worst Mustang mods anyone can do is install two different generational models onto the same chassis—yet some people have done it. Specifically, they’ve installed the third-generation Fox’s frame onto the fifth-generation’s frame. Needless to say, turning the Fox body into an exciting car to show off is an almost impossible feat, since the third- and fourth-generation bodies are often considered ugly, boxy, and boring. They’re simply no match for the first- and second-generation’s retro style or the fifth- and sixth-generation’s modern, chic aesthetics.

Big, Bold, and Flashy—in the Wrong Ways

Another common modification you might see is when people turn their Mustangs into big, bold, flashy statements. However, this normally ends in the worst way. The cars often become hideous, misaligned mechanical beasts. For instance, some Mustang owners install enormous wheels that basically act as lift kits. Others have installed floor-grinding body kits, huge wings, and seemingly tough decal. Contrary to the owner’s belief, these cars become laughingstocks compared to their factory-made models.

Off-Road Muscle Cars

Everyone loves Ford for two things: the Mustang and the F-150 series—two amazing vehicle series that, when combined, form an automotive Frankenstein’s monster. Someone placed a Mustang frame onto the Raptor’s body; this hybrid model appears to be a high-speed off-road cruiser. It looks like the liger of the Ford market: a combination of unnatural proportions. Other Mustang modifiers have installed all-terrain tires and even cut the back of their Mustangs to give the appearance of a pickup truck. It’s as ugly as it sounds.

Confusing Colors and Insane Interiors

Ford releases certain colors for its models for a reason: not every color is Mustang-appropriate. The unorthodox paint choices some owners have chosen for their cars may surprise you: hot pink, bronze, army green, yellow, or even galaxy-themed paint jobs turn these respectable pony cars into regrettable machines. That’s not all. The exterior sees most modifications, but some people alter their interiors, too. One owner even converted their interior with 1970s cheetah print.