The Top 5 Best States To Learn To Fly In

Aviation is a job all about skill and connections; you need to have both to succeed. However, getting your license isn’t always a horrible experience, as you can make getting a pilot license fun and exciting. The key is to find places that offer top-line schools and great surroundings for fun adventures. These are the top five best states to learn to fly in for their schools and their surroundings.


California is one of the biggest states in both population and land size, making it great for anyone looking to live there as they learn. The state has various schools that offer excellent pilot training and plenty of access to airports.


Oregon has great schools that can get you whatever pilot license you require. The views in Oregon are also special, with mountains and forests to explore and enjoy, Portland especially. Portland, Oregon, is unique for its museums and fantastic outdoor activities that any student can enjoy.


Florida has a lot of air traffic, making it a great place to study aviation and get a pilot’s license. It also houses amazing parks and tourist attractions that you can visit any time of the year, so it’s great for school and your social life.


Texas has the weather that any student would dream of, making it popular for pilot training. With old and large cities, you can find your place somewhere in Texas. The state has over 200 airports, giving you plenty of access to planes for your training.


Ohio State University is a great place to learn aviation. It houses the third busiest airport in the state, giving you plenty of access to aircraft for your lessons. With great bars and museums around the area and great outdoor activities, you can have a great experience.

These are the top five states to learn to fly in from the perspective of both the connections you might gain and the fun the areas offer. However, only you can decide, as you’re the only one who knows what you need in a school.

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