The Most Common Hot Spots for Germs in Businesses

No matter the season, finding ways to keep your company staff healthy and happy in the workplace is the key to success. While specific illnesses come and go, all have the potential to spread like wildfire in your office space when you least expect it. Fortunately, there are plenty of things you can do to help stop these germs in their tracks, starting with tracking down where illness-causing bacteria tend to hide the most. Read on to discover some of the most common hot spots for germs in businesses and how you can take control of them.

Waiting Room Chairs

Most businesses have frequent visitor traffic, whether it primarily consists of potential new clients or newly hired employees. Unfortunately, this means that it’s unpredictable what germs and bacteria these individuals could be carrying with them. Since the waiting room is the first place they’ll spend time in upon their arrival, it’s an effective landing zone for any manner of outside particles.

As such, it’s important that your office coordinator spends some time each day disinfecting your waiting room chairs. It also helps to maintain a socially distant waiting room so that germs spread less effectively.

Workstation Keyboards and Mice

Workstation tools like computer keyboards and mice are also common hot spots for germs in business settings. Employees spend all day touching these surfaces, making them some of the dirtiest places in the entire office. Should someone have a cold or virus, these areas can retain hazardous germs for several days and keep them alive. Encouraging your team to regularly disinfect and wipe down these tools proves essential to preventing illnesses from spreading further along the work floor.

Door Handles and Frames

Make sure that you’re regularly cleaning office doorknobs and door frames as well. Unless you utilize automatic doors for every space in your office, hands will touch these surfaces and spread any germs they obtained from elsewhere. Door frames are just as important to disinfect as doorknobs because it’s common for individuals to place their hands on the frame or glass when entering a room in a line. Therefore, by cleaning both, you’re providing better protection for your team.

Break Room Sinks

Though the break room sinks are where individuals go to wash their hands and dishes from lunch, that doesn’t mean that they’re clean. In fact, sink faucet handles, communal sponges, and hand towels are farms for bacteria and one of the top places team members deposit germs. For this reason, consider disinfecting these areas as well and replacing any sponges or towels regularly. This way, there’s less time for germs to build up and spread.

Maintaining a hygienic office space is crucial to keeping your team healthy, happy, and productive. With that in mind, it’s important to avoid overlooking these seemingly small areas. You never know when they could get someone sick.