The Different Types of Car Window Tinting

You have the hottest ride in your neighborhood, and wherever you pull up, people stop and stare. It even feels good to have your friends envy you for your car. But if you think you can’t upgrade it any further, think again.

You can further enhance your vehicle’s look with a window tint job. We suggest you learn about the different types of car window tinting before you fully commit.

Ceramic Window Tint

Let’s start at the very top, shall we? Getting ceramic window tinting for your car provides many benefits. You get the most effective UV ray protection and glare reduction when you choose ceramic window tint.

Ceramic rivals all other windows mainly because of how manufacturers make it. The tint consists of nonconductive, nonmetallic particles that create a durable and protective surface. The technology in this tint provides superior protection without making the windows too dark.

Dyed Window Tint

Dyed window tints are the most common. They consist of thin multilayered films of dyed plastic. Depending on how dark you want the tint to be, you can choose from several dye densities. This tint will stop a fair amount of UV rays exposure while keeping your car cool.

People often treat their vehicles to this window tint job because it’s less costly than ceramic window tint. However, the downside to it is that it provides less protection.

The dye eventually fades over time, which means you must replace this tint frequently. Owners purchase dyed tint more for the aesthetic rather than the protection.

Carbon Window Tint

If your car already has all the bells and whistles, consider a carbon window tint so that your vehicle remains the star. Carbon window tints stand out from other shades because they have a unique matte finish. The matte look is more tasteful and subtle versus the flashy metallized tints.

The carbon particles block out 40 percent of infrared light. This feature works well in the winter months because it entraps any heat from the sun, reducing your need to run the heater. Just think of all the gas you’ll save.

Metallized Window Tints

You can consider a metallized window tint as a step up from a dyed tint. This window tint does a better job at blocking UV radiation and keeping heat out. The film has metal microparticles embedded in the layers, strengthening your car windows and making them more challenging to break.

Don’t take the car with the metallized window tint if you plan to take a road trip soon. While the tint gives your car a sleek look, it does tend to interfere with GPS, radio, and cell reception. You’ll get frustrated from the constant interference.

Hopefully, after reading the different types of car window tints, you’ll decide on the exact window tint for your vehicle. Choose something that speaks to your style and offers your car more protection.