The Best Landlord: How To Show Tenants You Care

The goal of a landlord isn’t just to fill the rental. The goal is to maintain the ones you already have and attract high-quality new tenants to the rental when necessary. Your reputation matters and the way you treat tenants becomes apparent in reviews and how long renters are willing to stay on your property. Learn how to show tenants you care using the following ideas.

Welcome Home

People seek a new rental for all kinds of reasons. One thing they all have in common is that they want the rental to feel like home. Start off on the right foot with new tenants by leaving a welcome note and gift on the kitchen counter for their arrival. It doesn’t take much. Here are a few ideas to go along with a “welcome home” note:

  • Flowers
  • A gift card to a local restaurant
  • A new kitchen towel set
  • Baked goods from a local bakery
  • Candy from the local confectionary
  • A gift basket with snacks

This extra little touch goes a long way and is sure to make tenants feel welcomed and in no hurry to leave.

Appreciation Events

Show tenants that you care with a yearly get-together for everyone to get to know each other. Contract a caterer, and don’t allow tenants to pay for anything. This gathering gives residents a chance to get to know each other and gain a sense of community. It also shows that you appreciate their business and their part in the care of the building.

Month-to-Month Lease

The month-to-month lease is helpful, not only for tenants but for the landlord as well. Some landlords are leery of it, but when a tenant comes to you, knowing they have to leave soon but don’t have a new place yet, offering them a month-to-month option is a huge relief for them and gives you time to search for a new tenant as they search for a new home. This kind gesture goes a long way in helping everyone.

Repair Before Tenants Ask

One of the best ways to show tenants you care is to make repairs or replace items when you know it’s time, rather than waiting for the tenant to ask. If the kitchen appliances are decades old, order new ones and let your renter know that the installation is coming up. If you noticed a leaky faucet while doing a walk-through after the last renter left, don’t wait for the next person living there to say something. Stay on top of maintenance, and your tenants will notice that you’re a unique and attentive landlord.

We hope these thoughts have helped you as a landlord. We know you already care, but this list might give you even more ideas on how to show it. Renters have options. Make your property the best option in town by going the extra mile for your tenants.

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