The Best Ideas for Remodeling Your Old Fireplace

Redesigning your fireplace is a fast way to change the overall look of any room. Use the best ideas for remodeling your old fireplace to turn your living room into the quintessential cozy cave. Remodel the entire space or add subtle elements that drastically change the look and feel of the fireplace.

Install a Mantel

A mantel is unnecessary for your fireplace, but it’s a specific design element that takes minimal time and effort. Shiplap gives a rustic feel, but stucco has the classic vibe you might be looking for. Mantels elongate the fireplace and give you more space to place knick-knacks and family photos.

Use Tile on the Surround

Tile can possess intricate designs or be plain. Pick a tile that speaks to you and one that will pair well with the other elements in your living room or bedroom. Tile surround gives the fireplace personality and provides a twist to the centerpiece of your home. It’s also eye-catching and the perfect element that grants the entire fireplace personality.

Try a Natural Stone Hearth

Don’t forget the hearth surrounding the fireplace. Installing natural stone provides sophistication and a natural element. If the stone is not a design element you want to add, you can use the remaining tile from before or try a different material like concrete for a modern-looking fireplace.

Add Glass or Screen Doors

An open fireplace is lovely to look at, but sparks and other debris can sometimes travel out of the flue. A moveable glass or screen door can help keep the fire and embers inside. If you’re remodeling your fireplace, you might also search for signs your chimney needs repair during the process of adding doors.

Convert to a Gas Fireplace

A trickier idea for remodeling your old fireplace is to convert it to a gas one. Gas fireplaces are more convenient and efficient in emanating heat. Installing a stainless steel liner in your flue is necessary for the chimney to work as safely as possible. Get expert advice and help if this is the project you want to attempt.

The centerpiece of your home deserves love and attention; it’s the first thing you see when you walk into a room. There are inexpensive ways to remodel your old fireplace if you’re on a budget. Remember to have fun with it and decide on colors and design elements that are pleasing to you.