The Best Gifts To Get for a Distant Relative

With birthdays, holidays, and special occasions happening all year, you may feel guilty about not gifting your cousin, uncle, aunt, or other distant relative something for the occasion. Don’t let that stop you. Here are some of the best gifts to get for a distant relative to save the day.

Custom Gift Basket

The tried-and-true method of gifting a basket full of delicious foods never failed anyone. This should be one of the first ideas that comes to mind when thinking of nice gifts for any relative. Don’t feel you need to opt for the conventional fruit or flower basket, either. While it’s a delicious idea to send fruits, flowers, and chocolates, dietary restrictions, allergies, and personal health choices can ruin the gift. Instead, consider a healthier gift basket full of organic, gluten-free, or vegan items if your relative has these dietary restrictions or lifestyles.

Something Personal

Another great gift idea is to send something personal. Personalized gifts largely depend on the receiver, but don’t be afraid to get creative. Maybe you want to send a personal photograph of you two from a distant time. You can also send something from your home state if they moved across the country. Whichever you decide, let them know how much you miss them and what their personalized gift means to you. They’ll appreciate it no matter how large or small the gift.

Subscription Kit

Monthly subscription boxes and kits are all the rage today. They’re one of the best gifts to get for a distant relative due to their customization and variety. You can find subscription boxes to fit any hobby or lifestyle. There are sports-based boxes, snack boxes, clothing boxes, hobby-centric boxes, and much more. Don’t let the variety overwhelm you. Ask around for ideas regarding what your relative enjoys or doesn’t enjoy for help if you can’t think of what to get them. If you can’t afford a year-long subscription, don’t feel you need to purchase one. Only a month or two is enough to show you care.

Gift Cards

You never go wrong with a simple gift card either. They’re convenient, easily transferable, and adaptable to fit any budget. Whether it’s $25 or $100, you pick how much you want to send. Conveniently, you don’t need to send it through the mail either. Many gift cards today have email receptibility which means you can easily transfer the funds to their account in record time. If you’re truly at a loss as to what to give your loved one, a gift card lets them decide.

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